The Clear Skin Bootcamp To Finally Cure Your Acne Permanently.

Join The Clear Skin Bootcamp guided by your personal skincare coach to

  • permanently cure acne
  • end the breakouts
  • regain your natural inner balance
  • achieve the lasting clear skin you deserve

using a unique step-by-step method no one else will tell you about…


How Lunna Works

Lunna pairs you 1:1 with your own personal health & beauty coach. It’s like having your own personal skincare specialist, trainer, nutritionist, mentor, therapist, and accountability partner all in one, always by your side in the Lunna app.

The Clear Skin Bootcamp is a step-by-step program with the 100% result. Chat 4-5 minutes per day with Lunna and you will End The Breakouts & See Results In Less Than 7 Days!



Know where you are

The Lunna Coach helps you to understand how healthy your skin today and what exactly you should do to clear your skin. Everyone is unique. There is no one program for everyone. The Clear Skin Bootcamp is tailored just for you.



Keep track of lifestyle

There are no magic pills. Your lifestyle + inner health = skin beauty. Throughout the day, you will log what you eat, stress level and exercising. And Lunna will tell you what causes your breakouts.



Know what to do

The Lunna Coach gives you a simple plan to follow. You will start each day with a personalized list of steps to take to get you closer to your goal.



My future skin health

Lunna shows you the impact of your various choices on your skin health and predicts skin characteristics in 10 years.



Stay motivated

Your personal coach will keep you on track and give any support you need 24/7.



Let’s get started today!


Track your skin health

Track what you eat, how much you exercise, sleep, stress level and overall health. See how your lifestyle, daily skincare routine and environment affects your skin beauty.

Weekly skin assessment is included.

PRO $9/week/FREE*

Get a personalized Coach

Get instant, intelligent feedback on everything you do and how it affects your skin health plus work with Skincare coach during 10-20 weeks program.

Our coaches typically charge $100-300 per hour in their own private practices


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  • Your dedicated dermatologist, nutritionist and skincare coach.
  • Analytics about your skin health.
  • Life-changing program to help you get perfect skin.

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